1993 Toyota Corolla Hits Record Milestone

December 12, 2022 1:17 pm in by
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A 1993 Toyota Corolla, which gets driven 5000km every week has clocked a staggering 2 million kilometers since rolling off the production line.

New Zealand man Graeme Hebley first bought the station wagon back in 2000 when it had only 80,000km on the odometer.

Since then Graeme has driven the trusty wagon 5000km every week for work.

How has is survived so long you ask? Well the car is serviced once a fortnight and has had its timing belt changed almost 20 times according to Graeme.

But, the belt is the only part on the car that has been changed as the engine, transmission, drivetrain and even the body are completely original.

Graeme and his 1993 Corolla – image:Bevan Conley/NZ Herald

Graeme told the Chronicle in New Zealand “That era of Toyota has such built-in reliability”. “[But if it wasn’t so frequently serviced] it just wouldn’t work.”

Graeme has driven well over three million kilometres total since he started his job of delivering newspapers back in 1968, said he hasn’t got sick of driving yet.

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”How could you not love this car? Whatever you do, it just bounces back. The car might outlast me at this point.”