Talk by Anne Anderson, presented by ArtsNational Cairns “How we got IKEA – Scandinavian design 1880-1960”

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Event Date
02/06/2024 2:00 pm to 02/06/2024 4:00 pm
Event Location
Stratford Library Meeting Room, 11 Kamerunga Rd. Stratford.
Event Price
attach_money $25 for visitors, includes afternoon tea. Annual Membership $135.

On Sunday 2 June at 2pm at the Stratford Library Meeting Room, ArtsNational Cairns will host a captivating exploration into the origins and evolution of Scandinavian design, presented by UK-based lecturer Anne Anderson.

Titled “HOW WE GOT IKEA: SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN 1880-1960”, the event promises to unveil the emergence of Scandinavian modernism.

Attendees are invited to immerse themselves in this illuminating journey through design history, tracing the influences that shaped the iconic Scandinavian aesthetic of the 1950s. From the adoption of clean lines and natural materials to the timeless ethos of ‘less is more’, Anne Anderson will shed light on how Norway, Sweden, and Denmark embraced design reform to craft an ideal lifestyle for the post-war era. Anne Anderson boasts a career spanning decades in the realm of art and design. With extensive experience as a senior lecturer at Southampton Solent University and currently serving as Hon Associate Professor at Exeter University, Anne brings unparalleled expertise to her presentations. As a tutor for the Victoria and Albert Learning Academy and Ceramics Consultant for Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, her influence extends across various facets of the art world. A prolific author, Anne has contributed significantly to the literature on diverse subjects including Art Deco teapots, the Pre-Raphaelites, Edward Burne-Jones, and Art Nouveau architecture. Her accolades include numerous fellowships and the curatorship of national exhibitions, including the highly acclaimed “Beyond the Brotherhood: the Pre-Raphaelite Legacy” (2019-20).


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