Dad Jokes of the Week – 8 December 2023

If you missed any of our Dad Jokes over the last week, here is your opportunity to keep yourself up to date with the best damn Breakfast Show giggles around!

Be listening to the Breakfast Show just after 7:00 am weekdays to ensure you get your daily dose and be first card out of the deck for the day.

Monday: When my wife and I argue, I always get the last word. It’s usually “Sorry”!

Bob’s Bonus: Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd break into a distillery. Daffy asks “Is this whisky?”. Elmer replies “Yes, but not as wisky as wobbing a bank”!

Tuesday: Did you hear about the promotion they’re running at the local pet store? Buy one dog, get one flea!

Bob’s Bonus: Definition of a secret – something you tell one person at a time!

Gerhard’s Bonus: The Knight who invented the round table was Sir Cumference!

Wednesday: My son asked “Dad, will you do my maths homework for me tonight?” I said “No son, it wouldn’t be right.” My son replied son: “Well dad, just do your best”!

Bob’s Bonus: Definition of a toothache – a pain that drives you to extraction!

Thursday: Mariah Carey opened her Christmas present and inside she found a deed to a parking lot. Disappointed, she set the deed down and said… “I don’t want a lot for Christmas”!

Bob’s Bonus: An adult is a person who has stopped growing at both ends, and it now just growing in the middle!

Friday: Why was the baby jalapeno shivering? He was a little chilli!

Nikki’s Mumma joke: The other day I saw a baguette in a cage. Evidently, it was bread in captivity!

Nikki’s Bonus: What do you give the Dentist of the Year? A little plaque!