Dad Jokes of the Week – 28 July 2023

If you missed any of our Dad Jokes over the last week, here is your opportunity to keep yourself up to date with the best damn Breakfast Show giggles around!

Be listening to the Breakfast Show just after 7:00 am weekdays to ensure you get your daily dose and be first card out of the deck for the day.

Monday: Did you hear about the Happy Days scam? It’s a Fonzie scheme!

Bob’s Bonus: Why didn’t the cow want to cross to road? It didn’t want to be T-boned!

Tuesday: I’ve got a new job at the chess factory. I’m on knights next week!

Bonus: How does an octopus go into battle? Well armed!

Bob’s Bonus: What happens if you get scared to death twice?

Wednesday: I’ve spent the last 25 years of my life as a professional trophy maker. It’s a rewarding career!

Bob’s Bonus: I’m still wait for liars pants to catch on fire!

Thursday: Yesterday I could work out if someone was waving at me… or the person behind me. In other news, I lost my job as a lifeguard!

Bob’s Bonus: A policeman contacted his base and told the boss he had an interesting case here “A woman has shot her husband for walking over her wet floor”. The boss asked if he had arrested her? The copper replied “Not yet, the floor is still wet”!

Friday: I went to a costume party last night dressed as a screwdriver. I turned a few heads!

Sarah’s Grandmama joke: Why shouldn’t you write with a broken pencil? Because it is pointless!


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