NQL CNS 4CA Secret Sound Slider

Each day in our everyday lives we hear thousands of sounds... and maybe one of those sounds is 4CA's $1000 SECRET SOUND!

Catch Murray Jones around 7:40 am weekday mornings in Brekkie for your chance to guess the Secret Sound.

Guess correctly and win instant cash!

Keep checking below to see the list of the incorrect guesses.....

Terms and Conditions

Monday 9 August 2021: Chopping through a stick of celery... WRONG

Tuesday 10 August 2021: A blood pressure cuff... WRONG

Wednesday 11 August 2021: Pulling the chord to open the valve on a hot air balloon ... WRONG

Thursday 12 August 2021: Pulling up (or letting down) venetian blinds... WRONG

Friday 13 August 2021: A sliding door or window coming to a stop... WRONG

Monday 16 August 2021: Squeezing tomato sauce out of a tomato sauce bottle... WRONG

Tuesday 17 August 2021: The lid clicking on a dishwashing liquid bottle... WRONG
Wednesday 18 August 2021: Separating the plastic strips from a band aid... WRONG
Thursday 19 August 2021: Closing a Matchbox... WRONG
Friday 20 August 2021: Removing the plastic seal off a drink bottle... WRONG

Monday 23 August 2021: Blowing into the microphone... WRONG

Tuesday 24 August 2021: Turtles mating... WRONG

Wednesday 25 August 2021: Opening a can of tennis balls... WRONG

Thursday 26 August 2021: Cutting through a head of celery... WRONG

Friday 27 August 2021: Closing jaw of a crocodile... WRONG

Monday 30 August 2021: Standing on a dead leaf... WRONG

Tuesday 31 August 2021: A footstep... WRONG

Wednesday 1 September 2021: Something stuck on glass, coming off... WRONG

Thursday 2 September 2021: Putting on a shoe... WRONG

Friday 3 September 2021: Kicking a ball... WRONG

Monday 6 September 2021: A quick card shuffle... WRONG

Tuesday 7 September 2021: Thong or a shoe being sucked of the ground... WRONG

Wednesday 8 September 2021: Unclogging a sink with a plunger... WRONG

Thurday 9 September 2021: Closing a cardboard box... WRONG

Friday 10 September 2021: Removing a plunger... WRONG

Monday 13 September 2021: Closing a glasses case... WRONG

Tuesday 14 September 2021: Taking the lid off a bucket of ice cream... WRONG

Wednesday 15 September 2021: A machine putting blue straps on boxes... WRONG

Thursday 16 September 2021: Stepping on gravel... WRONG

Friday 17 September 2021: Velcro on a pair of shoes... WRONG

Monday 20 September 2021: Scribing a tile on a tile cutter... WRONG


PLEASE NOTE: Due to current events, some prizes/giveaways may not be issued or be able to be claimed as a result of circumstances outside of our control. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and will do our best to honour prizes/giveaways where viable however no alternatives or compensation can be offered at this time.