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For the Month of May, 4CA is celebrating 85 years of serving the community in Cairns and we want you to celebrate with us!

Sourced from local and national audio archives, past and present personalities and staff, get ready for a whole month of amazing memories with 85 moments that defined 4CA - the first radio station Broadcast In Cairns in May 1936.

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Submit your memories, photos, or testimonials below to celebrate 85 years with us!


The Honourable Craig Crawford MP

from Member for Barron River
4CA is Cairns’ oldest radio stations and is a local institution. I have always found 4CA to be a great source of local and community news in Cairns. 4CA is an important voice for the people of Cairns and Far North Queensland which also provides an opportunity for community announcements and local events. I have been interviewed on 4CA many times and I respect the interviewing process as being thorough and well researched. I feel that the interviews were well balanced and the skilled interviewers often asked probing questions that results in quality journalism.

Mayor: Cr Bob Manning

from OAM
Over the past 85 years, through the ups and the downs, during times of crisis to times of celebration, local radio station 4CA has been the voice of the community. It has provided our city with a reliable information and news, and a platform for debate and discussions. Importantly, 4CA it has proved its value in times of emergency, especially when power was down, phonelines were cut, roads were closed and access to the mobile network was out. When the ability of other forms of media to broadcast important information was hampered, radio and 4CA were there to provide a vital news portal, as well as support and reassurance. In today’s age, when the world seems to move quickly from the next trend to the next, it is comforting to know that the community can continue to depend on 4CA. With the advent of television, followed by the internet boom and most recently the explosion of music streaming, people have been predicting radio’s demise. Time and time again, those predictions have failed because radio is adaptable and personal, it can provide quick and up-to-date information, and it continues to fill important niches for the community. Congratulations to the current team at 4CA and due recognition to those who came before them for their hard work and passion over the past 85 years. Mayor Bob Manning

Curtis Pitt MP with fellow copywriter John Petkovic

from Curtis Pitt MP
Still catching up two decades on after working at 4CA

The Honourable Curtis Pitt MP

from Speaker of the Queensland Parliament
I remember the days when Cairns had one commercial radio station - 4CA - and that was it. To say 4CA was a huge influence on everyone in the region was an understatement. It was the place you heard the latest hits, the place to win tickets to concerts, and the place to hear about the big community events. I worked at 4CA for three years from 1997-1999 as a copywriter, my first real paid full-time job after finishing uni. By that time, a younger FM station had also joined the stable and there were plenty of characters that I worked with like Mark Hale, Jim Mortimer, Rohan Brown, Greg Wood, Dave Rabbetts, Linda Cooper, Jon Piva, Ben Woodward, Jeff Mizen, Lee Campbell, Simon Donnelly, Mark Argaet, Peter ‘Yoda’ Stevens, Anita Plos, Rob McLean, David Starr, Paul Taylor, Juanita Kelly, Michael J. Bailey, and Deanne Klaverstyn. Some of my great mates were John Petkovic, Andrew Talbot, Roger Cave who I still keep in contact with. I was there the day the switch was flicked for 4CA to become 4CA FM. 4CA has since reverted to the AM band but it has never lost its relevance to so many local people. It has been the longest continuous radio station in Cairns and as a former staff member and now elected Member of Parliament, I say Happy 85th Birthday 4CA and may you continue to influence the airwaves for years to come.


from Cairns
Dissolution of 4CA Women's Club newspaper clipping. "It will be greatly missed in the community as a force for good".


from Cairns
Spotlight on John McKenzie 4CA-AM Cairns Morning Announcer. Jocks' Journal published by Newmedia.


from Cairns
John Mortimer


from Cairns
4CA Women's Club Member Certification granted by Miss "Betty" Errington, president.

Cairns Historical Society

from North Queensland
Australia's greatest radio serial, Persil's "Crossroads of Life" 4CA 10am Mon to Thurs Date: c1950


from Cairns
4CA Bus

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