Who’s on Top? Revealing the Biggest Music Megastars of 2023!

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As we reach the climax of a tumultuous 2023, several artists have been instrumental in this paradigm shift, leaving indelible imprints on the music scene. Let us take you on a journey of the best performing artists of the year and entertain you a journey through what are sure to be some of the most memorable tunes of the year!

Among these trailblazers, artists such as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and SZA have exhibited an audacious approach, fearlessly experimenting with and fusing genres. Their music has not only entertained but also provoked thought and sparked dialogue on pressing societal issues. Their impact extends beyond the charts, as they have become a source of inspiration for aspiring musicians and a catalyst for innovation in music technology. Following on from this we have compiled the top ten artists of 2023 using The Hottest 100 Artist Billboard.

10.  Post Malone – The artist who made us tune in to watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse with his hit song “Sunflower” sits at the top of our list at number 10. His new song “Chemical” conveys the message of struggling to cope with the end of an on-again-off-again relationship.

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9.     Miley Cyrus- The artist who sang about her ex-boyfriend in her hit song which had Bruno Mars’s “When I Was Your Man” on its head placed number 9 on the list. Miley came out this year with her hit landing number 1 on the Billboard “Flowers” and since then she has released several pieces of music such as “Used to Be Young”.

8.     21 Savage – A successful artist whose collaboration with many other artists has led him to be on top of the game placing 8th overall. His collaboration with Drake on the “Rich Flex” album and “Creepin” with Metro Boomin and The Weeknd has contributed to his placement on the list above other artists.

7.     The Weeknd – The Weeknd or Abel Tesfaye, a man who has gone to extreme lengths to convey his message like faking botched plastic surgery is coming in at number 7. He started 2023 off with a strong start after producing a remix version of his 2016 “Die For You” featuring Ariana Grande.

6.     Zach Bryan – Becoming Billboard’s top new artist after claiming his first Number 1 on the Billboard 200 album and his first Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart with “I Remember Everything” Ft. Kacey Musgrave. Zach’s number 1 album in 2023 is also his breakthrough album titled “American Heartbreak”.

5.     Luke Combs – The artist who brought back a popular song by Tracy Chapman and landed his version of “Fast Car” at number 2 of the Top 100 for 8 consecutive weeks sits at around our halfway mark.

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4.     Drake – After starting the year with a successful album team-up launch with 21 Savage, he released a new album titled “For All the Dogs” in October of this year. The album features several pop artists including SZA, J Cole, and many others.

3.      SZA – the artist behind the hit “Kill Bill,” skilfully encapsulates the emotions of past relationships in her music. The song reached the top 100 on the Billboard charts, contributing to her current position at number 3 in her career.

2.     Morgan Wallen – A country, western singer who rose to fame on ‘The Voice’, Wallen topped the Billboard charts with his hit “Last Night“, even outperforming ‘The Weeknd’ and ‘Ariana Grande’s’ “Die for You” remix after a week.

1.     Taylor Swift – After the resounding success of her ‘Era’s Tour’, the release of her latest album “Midnight”, and the re-recordings of “Speak Now, Taylor’s Version” and “1989, Taylor’s Version“, Taylor’s dedicated “Swifties” have undoubtedly propelled her to the top of this list.

The List above shows the current (as of November 2023) top ten artists although we are fairly certain, avoiding any unforeseen blockbusters, they will retain their spots. Several artists who deserve a special mention include Olivia Rodrigo with her album “Guts” and her hit song “Vampire”, Metro Boomin and his playlist for the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, and Beyonce with her “Renaissance Tour and album of the same title.

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But since we are approaching the years end, with Christmas just around the corner; we all know which artist may be able to dethrone the rest. The one and only Mariah Carey and her hit festive anthem “All I Want for Christmas is You”.

This article was written in full and provided to ARN via Year 10 Hutchins student and budding journalist/announcer – Todman Sarttra Malayanond


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