Supplier Strike Could Plunge Australia into Chicken Shortage

September 21, 2023 3:47 pm in by

Australia could be on the verge of a major chicken crisis!

Brace yourselves, folks, as the largest poultry producer, Ingham’s, faces industrial action.

Over 1000 employees, who supply some of the big names like Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, KFC, McDonald’s, and Subway, are gearing up for a 24-hour strike this Friday.

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Their demand? A 6% pay rise annually for the next three years, ensuring fair compensation for their tireless efforts.

But the United Workers Union (UWU) isn’t backing down either.

They’ve made it crystal clear that unless Ingham’s comes to the table with a “respectable agreement,” more action will follow suit.

The stakes are high, my friends, as this strike, even if it lasts just one day, will undoubtedly send shockwaves through the entire supply chain.

The chicken crisis is real and looming!

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Tim Kennedy, the UWU national secretary, warns that the potential consequences of this industrial action are not mere speculations but inevitable facts.

The implications of disrupted poultry production and distribution will be felt far and wide, affecting not only consumers but also businesses and the economy at large.

Stay tuned, everyone, as the battle for fair wages unfolds in the poultry industry. These hardworking employees are standing up for their rights and fighting for a just and equitable future.

Let’s hope that a resolution can be reached to secure a stable and sustainable chicken supply so we can all get back to chowing down on our favourite poultry-based meals and snacks.