What Sound Does An Ancient Mummy Make?

Scientists have figured out a way to give a Mummy a voice.  

Researchers at the University of London have used 3D printing technology to recreate the sound the Mummy may have made when he was alive.  

The resulting sound resembles an Ehhhhhhhhh.  

Researchers scanned the mouth and throat of Nesyamun, an ancient mummified Egyptian priest, and 3D printed it according to Mashable.  

Nesyamun lived during the politically volatile reign of pharaoh Ramses XI (c.1099–1069 BC) over 3000 years ago, working as a scribe and priest at the state temple of Karnak in Thebes (modern Luxor). His voice was an essential part of his ritual duties which involved spoken as well as sung elements7 according to

There was talk Nesyamun may have been strangled to death but was later reported to have been death due to allergic reaction. reports "By using the Vocal Tract Organ, which provides a user-controllable artificial larynx sound source, a vowel sound is synthesised which compares favourably with vowels of modern individuals". explained that the ‘Voices from the Past’ Project was set up to investigate this possibility for those long dead in cases where their remains are sufficiently well preserved.

By Michelle Brewer