Jason Derulo Earns More Than $75,000 Each Video on TikTok

Jason Derulo has claimed that he is earning more than USD $75k per video that he uploads to TikTok. That's more than most of us earn in a year!

Some people have even gone as far as calling him the "King of TikTok".

It should be noted that Derulo has a team of people working on these videos including Production and Special Effects staff. AAs you will see in this Corny video.


Don’t try this 😭😭😭

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“I set a goal to post four to six TikToks in a day.” is something Jason let slip earlier in the interview which means he is looking to earn a minimum of $300k-$450k per day. That's insane!

 So don't go quitting your day job thinking you can make Bank pushing out 4-6 videos a day on TikTok. There's a lot more to it then just showing the bling.


Showing @itstaylerholder @tonylopez my crazy new Lambo 🤯 2022

♬ original sound - jasonderulo