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Search And Rescue, Redlynch

A local mother and son hiking duo have been winched to safety after authorities were alerted the pair were lost in bushland over the weekend.  

The duo set off on a well-known bush track from Stoney Creek Road to Glacier Lookout on Sunday morning. After reaching the top they attempted to return but lost their way.  

Fortunately they had water and mobile phones and were able to head to higher ground to get service.  They managed to get in touch with a relative who notified authorities.

It took several hours to pinpoint an exact location of the pair.

They were winched to safety prior to darkness by the Queensland Government Air Rescue helicopter and returned safe and well to family members.

As the weather warms up police remind hikers to ensure they are adequately prepared for hiking conditions in the Far North.

It is recommended that hikers carry an EPIRB as mobile phone coverage and battery is not always guaranteed.

Adequate food and water should be carried in the event unforeseen circumstances arise.

The Far North is home to a wide variety a wildlife, it is recommended hikers also carry a basic medical kit.