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Trio Accused Of Deliberately Lighting Fires

A couple of boys have been accused of lighting fires at a sporting club in Edmonton.

The 16 and 17-year-olds allegedly set fire to a row of chairs outside a Famer Street sport club at around 12 noon on September 26.

The fire destroyed the chairs and caused further damage to shed walls and some items inside the shed.

A witness was able to extinguish the fire before it spread.

Both youths were charged with endangering property by fire and were dealt with under the provisions of the Youth Justice Act.

In a separate incident a 23-year-old Edmonton man was charged after he allegedly started a fire in grassland near Walker Road at around 1:00PM on Saturday.

The fire allegedly spread quickly towards a local shopping centre and waterpark.

After starting the fire, the man allegedly ran to the shopping centre carpark and threw a large concrete block through the windscreen of a parked car.

In the meantime, witnesses were attempting to extinguish the fire and a nearby medical centre had self-evacuated.

Emergency crews attended and extinguished the fire before it caused structural damage to any buildings.

A short time later police arrested the man as he was located exiting a liquor store. Police will further allege the man stole alcohol from the store.

He was charged with endangering property by fire, wilful damage, stealing, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and public nuisance.

He is scheduled to appear in the Cairns Magistrates Court on Monday.