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Toyah Remembered Almost A Year After She Was Murdered

Toyah Cordingley's memory will live on forever at the beach where she took her final breaths almost a year ago.

The 24 year-old Cairns woman was murdered at Wangetti Beach on October 22nd 2018.  Her pet dog was discovered tied to a tree nearby the following day.  

Family friend Prong Trimble has told Tropic Now a monument is being built by an artistic concreter at the beach, in memory of the bright young woman who loved animals.  

Prong wouldn't go into too much detail about the monument but told Tropic Now it will be a fitting tribute.

He also revealed that a memorial service will be held at the beach on Saturday the 19th October to mark the first anniversary of her death.

“I’ve been asking the family about a memorial and they just find it hard to go there full stop,” he said.

“But we’ve worked something out, it’s going to be something different and the family’s already got the plaque done for it.

“I’m going out with Vanessa (Toyah’s mother) tomorrow [Thursday] morning and meeting Councillors from the Douglas Shire Council and we’re going to pick out a spot.

“We want it to be there for a hundred years so we need a spot where the high tide doesn’t get it and any future road works don’t get it.”

Details of the memorial service:

  • Meet at Ellis Beach at 3pm, October 19
  • Travel to Wangetti Beach for a short ceremony and the unveiling
  • Everyone is invited to wear something yellow (Toyah's favourite colour)