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Local Rapper Signs With US Label

Cairns based rapper, D'crae, is making waves overseas.

Recently D'crae, whose real name is Junior Joseph, had the honour of having a single of his released worldwide.

He is a mix of Fijian and Polynesian (Maori) but was born in Brisbane and raised in Sydney.


D'crae.  Image Supplied 

D'crae has just revealed that he has signed a one year contract with an American label.  New York's BENTLEY RECORDS.  

The contract will be managed by the A&R team who will assist D'crae as an artist to make a foundation for himself.  

D'crae said "The art of songwriting was just a hobby back when I was in my teens where I’d find myself writing out short verses and poems whether it’d be in a classroom at Trinity Bay State School cairns on the streets or in my room. Looking back, I’m proud that this hobby finally came in handy".  

"My first single 'Mama' was released in July and is something from the heart, as it is a tribute to my late mother whom I lost in 2007 when I was just 16 years old.

"The song’s verses are written out in three life stages: childhood, adolescence and adulthood, portraying the experiences and challenges I’ve been through 'Mama' is influenced by Tupac's 'Dear Mama' with a modern production, as he has been my greatest music influence growing up.

"'Mama' my first single is currently being promoted worldwide with the help of London-based PR: Global Sound Group James dyble, and has been playing on air in two countries so far – North America and Australia. also having radio interviews from radio play in los Angeles Words cannot express how stoked I am by the infinite feedback that the song itself has been getting.

"I am currently in the midst of working on a nine-track album – 'Lost But Found' and hope I am able to share it with you all by the end of this year.

'Don’t Go' (featured in the You Tube clip above) is one of the singles from this album and is a collaboration with Lagos nigeria artist, Daryl aka Wizardry, in which had been released early this month and is available on all music platforms.

'Don't Go' has been published in the jukebox news. The song is an afro-beat and has a completely different vibe to it compared to 'Mama' but D'crae said "I’m always willing to step out of my comfort zone and try new stuff"

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