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Where Is Cookie The Cat?

Lounging in the cat carrier

A couple is heartbroken after their pet cat, a wedding present, vanished ahead of a flight from Brisbane to Cairns.

Cookie the cat was supposed to travel on a plane from Brisbane to Cairns on Monday, but he never appeared.  Sadly Jack and Jessica Thomas received an empty carrier and blanket.  

They also sent their dog Rambo north on the Virgin flight and he made it.  

Media reports suggest that no one from the airline got in touch with them to let them know there had been a problem.

Jack and Jessica have since learnt that Cookie escaped from the cat carrier on the tarmac in Brisbane.  

The couple booked travel for their pets through JetPets, which said the approved travel crate should have been zip-tied closed in front of them, but the couple said that didn't happen.

Virgin has apologised for the error and has conducted several searches for the missing feline but to no avail.  

By Michelle Price