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Strange Lights In Night Sky A Rocket?


Image Credit: Pexels 

We have seen plenty of photos and videos of a strange light in the night sky overnight.

Reports have been coming in from various locations across Queensland including on the Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg and Central Queensland.

If you saw the light please let us know by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Grainy vision appears to show a small light travelling across the night sky, climbing higher and higher.  

Milroy Observatory confirmed that what we were looking at was a rocket.  

Owen Benedict from the Wappa Falls Observatory on the Sunshine Coast said people started phoning the Observatory at around 7:00PM on Monday night to report seeing what looked like a big comet or a meteor flying through the sky.

He said it was actually an Indian rocket. He added that "they are very important things for the Indian nation because they've been plodding along trying to get their space industry off the ground and put their own satellites up, that sort of thing and they've got some pretty smart guys over there, as well as NASA, and so now they've sent a rocket off to land at the south pole of the moon".

The rocket was visible from Central Queensland and right down to New South Wales. Milroy Observatory confirming they had sightings reported to them as well.

Mr Benedict said the rocket will be used to search for evidence of water on the moon. He said the water would be useful for drinking, flushing toilets and also in making rocket fuel.

It would mean that water would no longer have to be transported from earth for space missions.

He suspects the light we saw would have been stage two of the Indian mission, after the rear of the rocket fell away.

Mr Benedict said he was hoping this rocket had a softer landing after an Israeli one hit the moons surface while travelling at a speed of around 3,500km an hour.

Plenty of Queenslanders sent us there own photos of what they saw.  

By Michelle Price