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Cairns Show Almost Upon Us


Cairns Police will once again be offering free armbands for kids at this year's Cairns Show, which kicks off on Wednesday. 

Parents are being encouraged to grab one from the police display in the Fred Moule Pavilion.


Police Pavilion.  Image Credit: QPS 

Officers will place a mobile phone number on their child’s armband so they can be reunited if need be.  


Image Credit: QPS 

With that said, police recommend you:

  • Remember to charge up your mobile phone and take it with you to the show!
  • Police also recommend you speak with children before heading to the show and come up with a plan should they become lost.

For older kids:

  • Set a meeting point in the event that you become separated – the Grandstand is an easy one.

For younger kids:

  • Highlight the importance of making sure they stick with you at all times.
  • If your child can’t see you they need to stand still (like their feet are stuck to the ground with glue) and call out to you in a big loud voice – younger children are much easier to find if they stay where they are.
  • After calling out, if you still can’t be found, your child should stay where they are and wait until they see a police officer – there are plenty of us at the show walking around.
  • If they are old enough, police urge you to ensure your child knows know their own full name, the full names of their parents and their home address.

Additional crime prevention tips to help make your show visit enjoyable:

  • Avoid taking valuables to the show and avoid leaving valuables in your car.
  • Parking regulations change around the showgrounds during this time of year so please check you are parked legally and don’t park longer than permitted in some zones or you’ll find yourself with a ticket at the end of a great day out.
  • Lock and secure your vehicle. Don’t leave valuables in plain view and secure your car keys on your person.