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Warren Entsch Tentatively Claims Victory In Leichhardt

UPDATE | Warren Entsch has said he is feeling "great" as he watches the votes be tallied. 

Mr Entsch has secured 37.4 per-cent of the primary vote, compared to 28.71 per-cent for Labor's Elida Faith.  

He said that he is "confident that I have won the seat of Leichhardt", he also said the result has proved a lot of the pundits wrong.

He said the climate has featured heavily in this election campaign but he added that good economic management was needed to take action in this area.

Mr Entsch also had a message for Bob Katter, who looks to have retained his seat of Kennedy for the Katter Australia Party.

Mr Katter had suggested in the lead-up to the election that Mr Entsch get his superannuation in order, to which Mr Entsch laughed saying "through the whole campaign he was referring to me as the outoing member for Leichhardt.

He added that he would like to be a "fly on the wall".  

EARLIER | As the vote count continues in Far North Queensland, it appears that the result is too close to call in Leichhardt.

The LNP'S Warren Entsch has secured around 35 per-cent of the primary vote, that's compared to Elida Faith on 29.84 per-cent.  

After preferences, Mr Entsch is ahead 52 to 47 per-cent.  

Mr Entsh had been earlier tipped to hold onto the seat of Leichhardt for the LNP, where he had a relatively safe margin of 4.1 per-cent.  

He has dropped 2.7 per-cent of that swing from the 2016 Federal Election.  

Bob Katter, who has an unbeatable lead in Kennedy, had high hopes for KAP candidate for Leichhardt Daniel McCarthy.  He has managed to collect little more than seven per-cent of the primary vote.

By Michelle Price