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Bob Katter Says KAP's Position Is Stronger Ahead Of May 18 Vote

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Image By Monkeytypist - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Bob Katter has named Greg Wallace as his number two selection on KAP'S senate ticket for Queensland.

Greg instituted the Work For the Dole scheme for Australia.

Mr Katter said "Greg has been out in the cold, as all of the leadership from those years have been, and he's decided to climb back into the fray".

Mr Wallace thanked Mr Katter for giving "me the opportunity to have a platform and over the years I think I've grown a little bit wiser and a few more grey hairs and that all helps".

He said he won't just be focusing on the Cape but also out west where he said "communities are dying".

Mr Wallace also touched on the Community Development Program, saying that it provided jobs and housing in remote communities. Now, he said the Federal Government has pulled funding for this program meaning there could be a shortage of housing in these communities.

He said we once has around 36,000 head of cattle roaming the Cape, now there are almost none. He said it will be important to redo all of the hard work they did way back when.

Weighing in on KAP's chances at the upcoming Federal Election, Mr Katter said "our situation was probably pretty grim a few weeks ago, but the way the election is running now with Pauline Hanson falling back a little bit, and I don't take any joy out of that but it's happening, and that strengthens obviously the position of party's like ourselves".

He also laughed at the fact that "Senators are getting elected on two and three per-cent now" he added that "we are leading in the polls in two seats" in the north "and one of them is mine [Kennedy]".

Mr Katter refused to weigh in on the latest news surrounding Clive Palmer, who vowed to pay QNI workers entitlements on Monday.

He said "at the time, we never attacked Palmer but plenty of other people did" but admitted that timing his announcement to coincide with the eve of an election shows Mr Palmer had been "poorly advised".

Mr Katter also said that if he was the "Member for Leichhardt (Warren Entsch)" he would be "figuring out my superannuation".

Mr Entsch responded saying “Bob Katter always talks a big game, he is only ever elected to parliament on the back of Labor preferences and delivered very little for his constituents".

“A vote for the Katter’s Australia Party at the upcoming federal election will result in a Bill Shorten Labor/Greens Government" he concluded.  

Commenting on the controversy surrounding censured Senator Fraser Anning, the KAP Leader said "he has gone down a different pathway and he wanted the freedom to do that, well there was just no way we were going to go down that pathway".

Mr Katter said his Party did agree strongly with Senator Anning on several topics.