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Toyah Cordingley Family Friend Predicts Police Will Solve The Case

The organiser of a weekend Travelcade, held in honour of murdered local Toyah Cordingley, has said the Queensland Police Service "had not backed off in this case at all, not one iota".

The body of 24-year-old Toyah Cordingley was found the day after she took her dog for a walk at Wangetti Beach, about 40km north of Cairns in October 2018.

Family friend Wayne 'Prong' Trimble said the Queensland Police Service was right onto this and "I can guarantee that one day we'll wake up and they'll have an ending for us or some closure".

This coming weekend the woman in charge of Crime Stoppers in Cairns, Margaret Corcoran, will be at the Sheridan Street Markets. She will set up a Toyah display on Saturday and Sunday.

She will have 500 bumper stickers and a banner to draw attention.  Ms Corcoran will be raising money so more stickers can be printing and trying her best to keep Toyah's fate top of mind.

Prong said he was impressed with the number of people who turned out to support their Travelcade last weekend.

Around 260 motorbikes and 130 cars travelled from Ellis Beach to Port Douglas on Sunday.

They were raising money so more “TOYAH” bumper stickers could be printed.

Prong explained that he got to Ellis Beach a early and met up with Toyah’s mum Vanessa her partner Snake. He said they handed him a canvas bag with a shoulder strap. He took it, not knowing what was inside.

He then discovered that Toyah's precious ashes were inside the bag and her mum and step dad wanted him to carry them during the Travelcade.

So he strapped the bag across his body and carried her with him the entire way. He said that bag didn't leave his body until her parents headed home.

Prong said it was a great honour.

On the day, Toyah's car was handed over to her brother Jack. It had been completely done up.

Prong said it was a "very emotional time", describing the car as being "absolutely immaculate".

More than $4500 was raised on the day, which means another 9000 stickers will be able to be printed in Innisfail. He made it clear that these stickers will remain in Cairns.

He also said that some smaller stickers had been made so they would fit neatly on a motorbike helmet for example and others made even smaller to fit on a lighter or mobile phone.

Down the track, Prong said he is planning another event to be held at Ellis Beach but wasn't in a position to say much more at this point.

Meantime, the Toyah memorial walking track near the Barron River, will be officially opened in April.

The K9 River Retreat at Kuranda has been working on "Toyah's Walk" on behalf of their former employee.

The business has sectioned off about 20 ha of land near the Barron River for a permanent walking track to be named “Toyah’s Walk”.

Toyah bumper stickers have been distributed all over Australia, as well as overseas in New Zealand, the US, UK, Thailand. Prong said he has been approached many times by reporters in Italy for comment on the story.

24-year-old Toyah Cordingley continues, anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

By Michelle Price