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Cairns And Mareeba Drivers Ripped Off At Bowser

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The RACQ has slammed north Queensland retailers for ripping off motorists.

Spokesperson Lucinda Ross said RACQ’s October Fuel Price Report revealed fuel companies had enjoyed retail margins as high as 14.4cpl in many northern towns and cities, while drivers battled record breaking prices.

“We’ve seen some of the highest fuel prices ever recorded in Queensland, but that doesn’t excuse the blatant rip-off occurring in parts of the region,” Ms Ross said.

“Our data shows retailers in Cairns and Mareeba raked in indicative retail margins as high as 14cpl, up by between 5- 6cpl on the previous month, which is so frustrating considering drivers are already copping record high prices.”

Ms Ross said the global oil price had been a major factor in pushing up the local price, but in recent weeks it had fallen, so RACQ expected to see retailers pass on savings to drivers.

“In the last month, the oil price has dropped by 18 percent, and that equates to a fall of about 14cpl in the wholesale price retailers pay in the north. Frustratingly, instead of passing those savings on to drivers, servos continue to rort motorists,” she said.

“With the oil price and the wholesale price dropping, we’ll be watching retailers closely to make sure the savings get passed on to motorists.”

Ms Ross urged locals to take up the technology that would be available when Queensland’s real-time fuel price trial commenced next month.

“Fuel apps and websites, like RACQ’s, will have every single price across the State listed so we’re urging drivers to put in the leg work to get the best deal. That way we can use people power to try to drive down the price of fuel.”

Read RACQ’s October Fuel Price Report here.

Location October average price Indicative Retail Margin:

Cairns 162.4cpl (+7.1) 13.9cpl

Mareeba 163.5cpl (+9.0) 14.4cpl

Townsville 160.7cpl (+6.9) 12cpl

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