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Mission Beach Park Finally Gets A Name


It’s official – the nameless park at Mission Beach can now be referred to as something we can remember.

At this week’s Community and Customer Committee Meeting, Councillor’s voted unanimously to adopt the name Ulysses Park.

Cassowary Coast Regional Councillor Wayne Kimberley said the park had been nameless for some time.

“The push came from the Mission Beach Community Association (MBCA) to officially name the park where the beach markets are held so as locals and visitors could easily identify the area,” said Cr Kimberley.

“I would like to commend the MBCA who did their own community consultation within their association with over 700 members, who then submitted to Council reasonable names that were in line with our naming policy.

“It was evident that Ulysses Park was most popular and we as Councillors fully support that.”

MBCA Committee Member Truus Biddlecombe-Sanders said there were 15 suggested names in the consultation process.  It's not clear if 'Parky McParky Face' was among them (just joking).

“We had a lot of suggestions, but Ulysses was the most popular followed by Cassowary and Beach Park,” said Truus.

“It fits extremely well with how it connects with what is already named the Ulysses Link Walking Track.

“For many years the park had a lot of different unofficial names so it’s great now that for marketing purposes when advertising the beach markets, we can now say it’s at Ulysses Park.”

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