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CLARIFICATION | Boil Water Notice

There seems to be confusion around the boil water advisory for the Cassowary Coast with residents in Innisfail concerned they should be boiling their water.

Boil Water alerts remain in place for residents in Tully town, Feluga, East Feluga, Bulgun, Silky Oak, Euramo, Hull Heads, Tully Heads, Jarra Creek, South Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach, Carmoo, Merryburn and East Feluga, residents in other parts of the Cassowary Coast are not required to boil their water.

The increase in boil water alerts over the past year are related to changes in the drinking water management requirements by Queensland Health and the Queensland Water Supply Regulator, including increased water quality monitoring and reporting.

Alerts are put in place, as a precautionary measure, when turbidity levels increase in the creek systems.  Council anticipates the turbidity levels will fall quickly after the rain has eased but residents should continue to boil all drinking water until advised otherwise. A program of flushing and testing has been initiated.

Residents and businesses in the affected areas are advised to boil water for use in the following activities:

- Drinking

- Brushing teeth

- Washing or preparing food that is not going to be cooked

- Preparing baby formula

- Making ice