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Innisfail Cemetery Not Spared From Floodwaters

Residents say they found the Innisfail Cemetery flooded during the significant weather event on the weekend.

Sexton, Brendon Deem went to the cemetery on Saturday during the deluge and collected as many floating ornaments and flowers as possible and moved them to the Cemetery Site Office where they can be collected.

Mayor John Kremastos, Cassowary Coast Regional Council said, “The water at the Innisfail Cemetery has subsided quite quickly and there is minimal damage.  It was upsetting for those families with departed loved ones buried in the affected area.  However, we can assure you our staff and Work Camp team are working diligently to return the cemetery to its usual immaculate standard.”

Council staff cannot clean the graves or headstones unless they are in the presence of the next of kin but residents are encouraged to attend the cemetery and clean the headstones, monuments with hoses that are available and staff will be happy to assist where they can.

Unfortunately not all the ornaments and flowers were retrieved but residents are asked to visit the Cemetery Site Office and check through the items collected.

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