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BREAKING | Two Teens Charged Over Ambo Assault

Police have charged two 15-year-old girls, after a female paramedic was assaulted while on duty at a shopping centre in Cairns on Wednesday.

Around 3.30pm Queensland Ambulance Service officers were trying to help the two girls at the McLeod Street complex when one of them allegedly became aggressive and sprayed a can of aerosol deodorant directly into the face of one of the paramedics.

As the QAS officers returned to their vehicle, the can of deodorant was allegedly thrown at the window of the vehicle and threats were made towards the officers.

Police are also investigating reports a member of the public was threatened with a lighter and accelerant in the nearby vicinity and are appealing for the victim to come forward.

One of the girls was charged with serious assault of a public officer while the other was charged with public nuisance.