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Council adopts new structure to streamline business

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Cassowary Coast Regional Council is changing its decision-making process to enable a shorter response time to issues as they arise.

Mayor John Kremastos said councillors had agreed to establish a new committee-based structure with all councillors sitting on all committees.

The deliberative committees - Governance and Environment, Community and Customer, Economic Activation and Tourism, Planning, Asset Sustainability, Financial Sustainability, and Major Projects - will have full decision-making authority. 

The committee meetings will be open to the public and held on the second Thursday of the month.

The ordinary council meeting will be held on the fourth Thursday of the month. 

The meetings will continue to be held on an alternate-month basis in the Innisfail and Tully council offices.

"The new structure gives us a decision making opportunity every two weeks, rather than waiting for the full ordinary meeting of Council," Mayor Kremastos said.

"Having a specific committee dealing with specific areas will mean a shorter cycle time in terms of responding to our community.

"The new committee structure reflects our new approach for the Council, one that is engaged with the community using contemporary management systems that drive a coordinated, motivated and efficient organisation which is committed to open and transparent government."

Cr Kremastos said each of the councillors had been appointed to chair a committee based on a particular area of expertise and interest. 

Cr Kremastos will chair the Major Projects Committee, which will focus on economic research and planning, business and industry development, investments, lobbying and advocacy. Deputy Mayor Wayne Kimberley will chair the Planning Committee, which will cover building/development and construction, climate change, regional planning and strategic planning.

Cr Jeff Baines - Governance and Environment Committee, whose focus will include the corporate and operational plans and disaster management. Cr Mark Nolan - Community and Customer Committee, which will cover event management, community grants and customer service, sports and recreation, and arts and culture; Cr Ben Heath - Economic Activation and Tourism Committee, which will focus on economic development, media/marketing and promotion, and tourism; Cr Glenn Raleigh - Asset Sustainability Committee, covering marine facilities, infrastructure, asset planning and management, transport network and facilities.

Cr Rick Taylor - Financial Sustainability Committee, which will focus on accounts, payroll, stores, rates, budget and information services.

Cr Kremastos said the new committee structure complied with the Local Government Act 2009.