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Woman hit with 50 extra charges following fraud investigation


A 44-year-old Cairns woman has been charged with an additional 50 fraud and property related offences, following a two-year, police investigation.

It started in August 2019, and involved police from Cairns and Edmonton Criminal Investigation Branches, as well as uniformed officers.

The investigation has seen police carry out multiple search warrants at properties across Cairns and Townsville.

Officers allegedly uncovered a significant number of identification documents belonging to other people during the raids, including driver's licenses, credit cards and medicare cards, as well as other data and documents.

Police claim the documents were used to create false accounts, such as bank and telephone accounts and lines of credit, between August 2019 and September 2021

On Sunday, Edmonton detectives issued a Notice to Appear to the woman in relation to 50 offences, including 25 counts of fraud, 14 counts of obtaining or dealing with identification information, three counts each of forgery and uttering and two of impersonation.

She is due to appear in Cairns Magistrates Court on November 1.

The woman has previously charged with 142 offences in relation to this investigation.