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Cairns holiday goers have trip of a lifetime after winning lotto


A couple who bought a winning lotto ticket while holidaying in far north Queensland say their children didn't believe them when they phoned to announce they'd become overnight millionaires.

The Logan pair holidaying in Cairns have had their trip take an expected turn, picking up a $1 million winning ticket in last night’s Gold Lotto draw.

They bought their ticket at a Spar store in Holloways Beach.

The husband says they checked their ticket on an app and thought it was a mistake when the numbers came up.

“Nothing like this has ever happened to us, so it felt like a dream.

“We called our kids to let them know and they thought we were joking."

He says they haven't slept since finding out they are instant millionaires.

Asked how they plan to spend the money, they pair say they're unsure and will probably see a financial advisor before making any large investments.

“We know we will use it for our retirement, but we want to make sure we are wise with it.”