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Great Barrier Reef gets funding boost


Farmers from the Far North to the Wide Bay are welcoming a funding boost to protect the Great Barrier Reef.
$270 million dollars has been committed to improve the water quality of the reef, while $60 million dollars will go towards land regeneration. 
NQ Dry Tropics implementation manager Peter Gibson says the funding is much needed, as things on the ground are tough. 
"I get a real understanding of the difficulties that they face, I mean we're talking about you know, 40,000 hectares of properties that they're got a lot of work to do, it does help when the government is able to help provide investment support," he says.
Mr Gibson says while the investment doesn't solve all their issues, it is a step in the right direction.
"We certainly welcome the continued investment, obviously we would love some more money, ah, but understanding the difficulties, you know it's really pleasing the Queensland Government continuing to invest."