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Businesses, cars and animals targeted by vandal in Earlville

A man has been charged over a number of bizarre vandalism incidents, allegedly involving vehicles, businesses and even animals in Earlville.

Police will allege, that over the past year the man has used several materials including spray paint, hammers, superglue, matches and rocks to damage the infrastructure of multiple businesses and vehicles along Mulgrave Road.

The alleged offences included the throwing of rocks at parked vehicles at a car sales business, the supergluing of padlocks and the spray painting of a horse at an Earlville pony club.

During March 1, 2020 it will be alleged the man has captured a lace monitor lizard before painting it red and tying it the front gate of a Mulgrave Road car sales business.

RSCPA were contacted at the time and the animal was safely removed, treated and returned to the wild.

The man was arrested and opposed bail yesterday afternoon and was later charged with 16 counts of Wilful Damage.

He is scheduled to appear at the Cairns Magistrates Court today.

Police believe that there may be other victims who have failed to contact them.

If you live or work within the vicinity of Mulgrave Road between Earlville and Bungalow and have had your property damaged or graffitied please contact Policelink.