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Man accused of assaulting truck driver in road rage fight


A man accused of punching a truck driver in the face in a road rage incident in Edmonton has been charged.

Detectives say the 52-year-old driver, of White Rock, got into a disagreement with the 47-year-old truck driver as they travelled in separate vehicles on the Bruce Highway, on March 30.

As both drivers pulled up to traffic lights, police say the accused got out of his vehicle and went to the driver's window of the truck.

He is suspected of reaching through the window and punching the man in the face, before trying to pull him out of the vehicle.

A witness came to help the truck driver and managed to separate the men from each other.

On Saturday night, detectives arrested the 52-year-old man and later charged him with four offences, including one count each of attempting to unlawful enter a vehicle, unlawfully entering a vehicle for committing an indictable offence, assault occasioning bodily harm and failing to keep off a painted island.

He is scheduled to appear at Cairns Magistrates Court on April 20.