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Cairns dentist fined for using unsterilised tools


A Cairns dentist has been slapped with a hefty fine for using instruments on patients that had not been sterilised properly.

The dentist, from Essential Dental for Life in Smithfield, has to pay $50,000 after pleading guilty to breaching infection control practices.

The company, Monacove Pty Ltd, has also been fined $100,000.

Investigators uncovered serious public health breaches, including the use of inadequately sterilised and processed dental equipment on patients, and failure to ensure industry standard quality control systems were in place to minimise
risks to patients were in place over an extended period of time.

Dr Don Mackie, Executive Director of Medical Services, says in 2019, the business was told to stop providing its services until the situation was fixed. 

He says immediate steps were taken to prevent any further risks to the public at the time.

“The outcome of this matter today highlights the extreme nature of the breaches, and the serious public health risks presented to patients by the defendants,” he says.

“We take matters of infection control and sterilisation practices very seriously.

“The public should have confidence that all health professionals including dentists are practicing in accordance with the high standards required in all clinical settings,” he says.=