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Brace for an expected wet end to 2020


More rainfall, cyclones and floods could be on the cards for the end of the year. 
That's according to Bureau of Meteorology's tropical climatologist Greg Browning. 
The weather bureau is predicting a La Niña weather event which means more rainfall and the chance of more cyclones. 
"Typically a La Niña is associated with heavy rainfall and more tropical activity over Northern Australia," Mr Browning said. 
"So we have been tracking it for the last few months and its just been steadily developing and we're very close to a proper La Niña."
Mr Browning said cyclone activity is expected to be heightened this year with one potentially forming as early as November. 

"Normally we don't see a cyclone in November, usually the first cyclone probably during December but we're more likely to see a November or early December cyclone than what we would in a non-La Niña year."