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Sobering reminder about the road toll leading up to Christmas

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Early this morning I was shocked to find out one of our regular 4CA listeners was killed in a tragic motorbike crash near Mareeba yesterday. What was particularly sobering for me was that I had spoken to Margaret minutes before the accident when she had phoned through for some movie tickets I was giving away. It was always a delight to speak with Margaret and her partner - I just could not even imagine the tragedy that was about to unfold minutes after my conversation with Margaret yesterday morning. Photo above of our late listener Margaret (from her Facebook profile).

When Senior Constable Russell Parker was in studio this morning we talked about dangerous and inattentive habits on the road that often lead to tragedies like the one that occurred yesterday. Russ had even witnessed an incident on the way to the studio this morning that highlights this type of behaviour. Especially leading up to Christmas, we can never be too careful on the roads. Listen to how our conversation unfolded this morning.