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Is there really a presumption of innocence?

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This morning in the Breakfast Show I spoke with Aussie actor John Jarratt about the two years of hell he has endured after being accused of rape. The particular incident leading to the rape allegation occurred more than forty years ago. As soon as John was charged, his identity was made public. His work immediately stopped and he was also required to pay a significant amount for his legal defence. In the end, John was unanimously found not guilty by the jury - but left to pick of the pieces.

Rape is a serious issue and cannot be brushed under the carpet. But the fall out from this particular incident has been decidely unfair on John Jarratt, his family and his career - even before legal fees are taken into account. John's new book titled Assault by Media not only documents the hell he went through, it also provides a solution to minimise the fall out until such time as the matter comes before the court. Listen to what John had to say here: