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Positives for our reef despite consensus on concerns

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This morning in the Breakfast Show I spoke with Professor Steve Turton about the latest 5 yearly report on the reef. Steve is the Independent Chair of the Wet Tropics Healthy Waterways Partnership and recently spoke to us in glowing terms about the positive outcomes of the Wet Tropics Waterways Report Card. However, this latest report from GBRMPA covers the whole of the Great Barrier Reef and the areas further south than the Wet Tropics.

Both the Liberal/National Federal Government and Labor State Government have no doubt that climate change is impacting the reef and the Federal Minister Sussan Ley has recently confirmed the Morrison Government's commitment to the Paris Agreement. Despite a few voices to the contrary, the vast major of marine scientists are on the same page about the long term issues facing the reef. However, there are a number of positive aspects to the report. Many parts of the reef are thriving, even though the overall outlook not being positive. So how do reef tour operators negotiate the impacts ahead?

Professor Turton spoke in very positive terms and suggests that the overall consensus will mean the challenges can be tackled head on, and impacts to the reef can be minimised. Listen to what he had to say here: