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Don 'Jack' Thomson went to hell and back, just to be ignored

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Join me in the Breakfast Show at 7:30 am on Monday to hear Don 'Jack' Thomson's story about the Battle of Long Tan, where he fought right beside Major Harry Smith. Celebratiing the new Aussie film Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan, not only will we hear Jack's first hand account of being caught in the middle of the most recognised Australian battle of the Vietnam War, we will also have tickets for you to attend the special screening this Wednesday. Jack will also be there for the film and the special Q&A session after the movie.

The screening will be on at 10:00 am this Wednesday 7 August at Event Cinemas Cairns Central. But make sure you join us on Monday morning on 4CA to hear Jack talk about what happened to D Company on 18 August 1966. You don't want to miss this!