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Truthteller to help us recognise the new reality

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What to believe these days? This morning in the Breakfast Show we were talking the truth. Many corporate entities and public figures, including politicians, seem to think that the truth is a subjective thing and can be open to individual interpretation. Isn't the truth an eternal constant? So what role do journalists play in flushing out the truth, and is social media a help or a hindrance? Photo above copyright Mike MacKenzie

Journalist Stephen Davis joined me in the Breakfast Show from New Zealand this morning to talk with us about his new book Truthteller - check out more details about the book HERE. In the shadow of the Christchurch massacre, it was interesting to talk to Stephen about his book and the aftermath of the tragedy. How does the fact that the alleged perpetrator is an Australian sit with our Kiwi cousins? Listen to what Stephen had to say here: