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Dad Jokes of the Week - 14 January 2022

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If you missed any of our Dad Jokes over the last week, here is your opportunity to keep yourself up to date with the best damn Breakfast Show giggles around!

Be listening to the Breakfast Show just after 7:00 am weekdays to ensure you get your daily dose and be first card out of the deck for the day.

Monday: I saw my neighbour talking to her cat – she obviously thinks the cat understands her. When I got home I told my dog… we laughed a lot!

Tuesday: I said to my doctor: "I think these last tablets you gave me are the wrong ones because I keep veering to the left and then veering to the right!". "Oh" he says... "they're just side effects!"

Wednesday: What kind of a bee can’t make up its mind? A maybee!

Thursday: Apparently the people of Dubai don’t like The Flintstones. But the people in Abu Dhabi do!

Friday: I wrapped my feet in bubble wrap before heading to the supermarket yesterday. The other half asked me what I was doing? I responded "I'm just popping down to the shops"?

Sarah's Grand Ma-Ma joke: Sarah is away in the UK - NO JOKE!