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Dad Jokes of the Week - 8 January 2021

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If you missed any of our Dad Jokes over the last week, here is your opportunity to keep yourself up to date with the best damn Breakfast Show giggles around!

Be listening to the Breakfast Show just after 7:00 am weekdays to ensure you get your daily dose and be first card out of the deck for the day. Thanks to Totally Workwear, even their safety gear can't protect you from these...

Monday: Yesterday I learned that if a canoe turns upside down in the water, you can safely wear it on your head. Because it’s capsized!

Tuesday: Before the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve I lifted my left leg. It was my way of making sure I started the new year off on the right foot!

Wednesday: The family asked me to come with them to the shopping centres over Chrismas. I said “No thanks, once you’ve seen one shopping centre, you’ve seen a mall”!

Thursday: My friend Joe recently went on the Dolly Parton diet… It really made Joe lean, Joe lean, Joe lean, Joe leannnnn!

Friday: What do you call a bulletproof Irishman? Rick O’Shea!

Sarah's Grandmama Joke: How did the barber win the race? He knew a short cut!