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It's nearly here... the Colours of Cairns 2021 calendar!


Yes, I know January has started, but our Colours of Cairns calendar is nearly back from the printers! It won't be long, and the photo for January can always be used early next year...

Thank you to everyone who entered, we had some amazing photos from all corners of the region. We can tell you that the above photo made the front cover, and the rest of the winning pics will be revealed soon. The winners names and the month they represent are as follows:

Front Cover – Stanislav Pertl

January – Matthew Ashwell

February – Marian Moore

March – Madi McDonald

April – Henry Smith

May – Lorraine Brown

June – Donald Leonard

July – Dale Oxley

August – Andrew Smith

September –Alice Myers

October –Jamie Brennan

November – Riley Easton

December – Louise Mane