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With the Covid fallout will more turn to Ice?


This morning in the Breakfast Show I caught up with the truly inspirational Andre'a Simmons, founder of the Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC). Somebody who has 'lived experience' with Ice addiction, her not for profit organisation is doing transformative work with addicts, their families and on the policy level with governments.

The AAIC is even looking to open a branch in Cairns. If you have lived experience and/or administrative skills, you can make contact with the AAIC HERE. The AAIC also has a new number for those in need of support. It is : 1800 NO TO ICE (1800 668 642).

With the political parties making committments for an ice strategy in the lead up to the state election, listen to what Andre'a had to say about what the government needs to do to reduce the real impact of ice in our communities: