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Virtual cycling around the world... with all the bells and whistles!


This morning I caught up with President of the Cairns Cycling Club Richie Bates about a novel idea that has just been rolled out in this local club. With the Covid-19 restrictions impacting on the ability of members to train and compete, a new platform has come to the rescue. Imagine tackling some of the best circuits in the world, in real time, against some of the worlds best... and all the huffing and puffing occurs in your own lounge room.

On top of this, Richie and his sidekick Piggy Jones have been adding some very colourful commentary to these online races, all to encourage our local riders. You can even be part of the audience, CLICK HERE for to be connected to the next race this Thursday evening. Listen to what Richie Bates had to say about the novel concept here: