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Dad Jokes of the Week - 20 March 2020

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If you missed any of our Dad Jokes over the last week, here is your opportunity to keep yourself up to date with the best damn Breakfast Show giggles around!

Be listening to the Breakfast Show just after 7:00 am weekdays to ensure you get your daily dose and be first card out of the deck for the day. Thanks to Totally Workwear, even their safety gear can't protect you from these...

Monday: What do you call a sheep with a machinegun? Lambo!

Tuesday: I asked my other half if she liked the traditional bread I picked up from the baker. She just gave me a rye smile!

Wednesday: My first job was working in an orange juice factory. It didn’t last – I just couldn’t concentrate!

Thursday: My uncle works for a company that makes bicycle wheels. He’s the spokesman!

Friday: I’m friends with 25 letters of the alphabet, but I don’t know Y!

Sarah's Grandmama Joke: How does a dog stop a video? By hitting the ‘paws’ button!