Bull Shark attack survivor Glenn Dickson tells all


On 17 February 2017 twenty five year old Glenn Dickson never thought he was going to die, But he did die, about six times. Even when he was looking directly into the eyes of the 3.5 m bull shark that had just seriously mauled his leg, he knew he was going to survive.

This morning bull shark attack survivor Glenn Dickson was my special guest in the Breakfast Show. What an amazing story and an inspiring young man. Glenn's moment by moment decription of one of the most horrifying things that could ever happen to a person is truly captivating. Not only is his tale incredible, his attitude towards the whole event is not what you'd expect. Glenn lost his right leg and is currently confined to a wheel chair. Listen to my extended interview with Glenn below (I bet you will not be able to turn it off until the end!). If you would like to help Glenn, his partner Jessie-Lee and his young family by making a donation to his ongoing medical costs, go to his Facebook page or CLICK HERE.