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Australia secures Moderna vaccines


Today I spoke to Dr. Francois Pretorius, a rural generalist, and member of the Queensland AMA, about Australia securing Moderna vaccines. Listen below to our discussion. 

The Australian Government has secured 25 million doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to further diversify our supply. The goal of diversifying our supply is to provide more flexibility in the national rollout and help fight emerging COVID-19 variants. So far the Moderna vaccine has shown an overall vaccine efficacy against symptomatic COVID-19 of 94.1 percent, and 100 percent efficacy against severe COVID-19. It has also shown strong protection of 90 percent efficacy against COVID-19 for at least six months after the second dose. Presently, Australians who have had one COVID-19 vaccine will be able to have a different brand for their second dose.