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Crocodiles move in


Today I spoke to Angela Toppin the Mayor of Mareeba Shire Council, about 22 crocodiles reported to be in the Two Miles Creek system. Listen below to our discussion.  

A recent report commissioned by the Mayor and contracted out to Top End Crocodile Service conducted two surveys of local waterways following innuendo of crocodile sightings. The survey of the Barron River conducted in August this year found small, isolated pockets of freshwater crocodiles inhabited the targeted section of the Barron River, but concluded that there was no evidence of saltwater crocodiles. The survey also identified a small population of freshwater crocodiles found in Tinaroo Creek weir. An earlier survey conducted by TECS along Two Mile Creek and Lake Mitchell established the presence of saltwater crocodiles within that waterway system. Mayor Angela Toppin said she will continue to advocate for the of the saltwater reptiles found in the Two-Mile Creek and Lake Mitchell areas. Crocodiles_Mareeba_Council_report_John_Mackenzie_4CA.jpg