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Time to end driver distraction


Today I spoke to Lauren Ritchie, from the RACQ, about driver distraction and the new mobile detection camera on the Kennedy Highway near Kuranda. Listen below to our discussion. 

Driver distraction is an alarming new trend according to RACQ In 2018 more than 14,400 Queenslanders were fined for illegally using their mobile phone while driving. It is illegal to hold your phone in your hand while driving including to text, talk, or call. You can use the hands-free in a cradle attached to the dash if you have an open or P2 licence. However, if you are a learner or P1 driver under the age of 25 years old, it is illegal to use a phone in any way while driving including maps, Bluetooth, and hands-free. Passengers of these drivers should also refrain from causing driver distraction and not use phones on the loudspeaker. It's time to end driver distraction and save lives.