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Have sharks lost their fear of humans?


Today I spoke to John Mondora, the Senior Fishing Writer & Founding member of the Cairns & Tablelands Fish Stocking Associations, about sharks in the area. Listen below to the discussion.

Sharks are unpredictable creatures and there is still much to be learnt about their behaviour and why they sometimes attack humans. There are roughly 500 known shark species and their sizes at maturity range from about 20 cm to 12 m. About 30 of these species are known to be dangerous to humans. Most of the shark attacks in Australian waters can be attributed to four species: Tiger sharks, White Sharks, Bull Sharks and Dusky Sharks. In the tropics, shark attacks occur all year round. However, there are times to avoid being in the water including between 3 pm and 6 pm and swimming alone appears to be more dangerous. To learn more about sharks click here.  Shark_Attck_Far_North_Queensland_John_Mackenzie_4CA.jpg