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State Election: voting starts in 3 days


Today I spoke to Dr. Paul Williams, a senior lecturer in Politics and Journalism at Griffith University, about pre-polling being popular in this year's election. Listen below to our discussion. 

There are two weeks until the State Election on 31st of October and analysts are predicting that only 30% of Queenslanders will vote on the traditional polling day. Due to mandatory COVID-19 measures, the Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ) is encouraging electors to vote early in 2020. In this election a record 597 candidates have nominated, an average of 6.4 candidates per seat. It easily surpasses the record 453 candidates that contested the 2017 Queensland election. There are five electorates with nine candidates, and two with 10 candidates, a record number of nominations for one electorate at a Queensland state election. In unprecedented times this State Election will be like no other.